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Mandarin Mother Tongue Support - Mandarin Nursery Levels 1-3 (4-6 years old)

For native Mandarin-speaking children who can understand and/or speak some of the language, with at least one native Mandarin-speaking parent.

This is a very specific programme developed to enhance your child's Mandarin communication skills.

Amongst other things, and according to his age and level, your child will:

  • develop his/her understanding and oral communication skills;
  • increase his/her vocabulary and ability to form proper sentences;
  • enjoy lots of opportunities to practise and absorb the language;
  • engage in deep level learning;
  • be encouraged to work confidently and independently;
  • discover Mandarin culture through stories, rhymes, songs, activities...;
  • learn basic writing and reading skills;
  • develop literacy, numeracy, creativity, and a love for learning.

The main emphasis is on helping your child become truly bilingual and maintaining contact with his/her cultural heritage.