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Creative Arts Workshop (4-6 years old)

Arts activities enable the child to make connections between the imaginative life and the world and create an opportunity for children to organise and express ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual, tangible form.

This new, fun-filled programme will open your child's mind and imagination, stimulate his/her creativity, improve his/her concentration and encourage him/her to develop his/her Mandarin skills in a fun, hands on and educational way - building up his/her self-confidence in the process.

During this enjoyable, creative arts workshop, your child will:

  • practise his/her Mandarin in a fun and dynamic way;
  • discover different forms of arts through drawing, painting, moulding, constructing, collage...;
  • explore new concepts, ideas and sensation;
  • extend his/her fine motor skills;
  • enjoy fun hands-on creative arts & crafts activities;
  • open up his/her imagination and stimulate his/her creativity;
  • build up his/her self-confidence.

A fantastic course offering your child the opportunity to develop his/her language skills while also having lots of fun trying something different and nurturing his/her overall development.