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Mandarin in Action - Intermediate to Advanced levels

Our Mandarin in Action programme is aimed at children who already have a foundation in Mandarin, and need more speaking practice so as to improve their oral fluency and increase their self-confidence in spoken Mandarin.

According to his/her school background (Local, ESF, International) and level, your child will:

  • develop his/her listening comprehension skills;
  • practise his/her speaking skills and learn to communicate with others using the appropriate language, tone and style, in various contexts and for different purposes;
  • learn to be more confident when speaking in a group or in front of an audience, becoming equipped with the skills to hold a proper conversation.

Emphasis is on developing competence, fluency in conversational skills and confidence.

This course also includes the study of Chinese characters.

Your child may also join our summer camp to China and get a unique chance to immerse himself/herself in Mandarin language and Chinese culture and develop his/her languages skills further.