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Chinese Reading & Writing - For non-Chinese speakers

A lively, fun-filled introduction to reading and writing Chinese characters, designed for non-Chinese children who are starting to learn Mandarin and need help to recognise, read, write, and memorise simplified Chinese characters.

The ultimate goal is to draw on children's inner curiosity and fascination for anything new and different to teach them to read and write Chinese characters through fun activities. These are specially devised to grab their attention, while arousing their interest in Chinese characters and culture.

According to his/her age and level, your child will:

  • learn more about Chinese characters (origin, stroke order, common radicals...);
  • learn strategic ways to memorise them effectively;
  • practise recognising and reading Chinese characters relevant to his/her age, level and areas of interest.
  • enlarge his/her range of characters (and the words formed with them).

To add yet more fun and excitement to the course, your child will be provided with a special Chinese writing brush, and introduced to the art of Chinese calligraphy.