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Chinese Reading & Writing Skills Enhancement

For children who already have a foundation in reading & writing and wish to further develop their ability.
Depending on his/her background, and according to his/her level, your child will:

  • review the different types of characters (origin, stroke order, individual components, compound characters and common radicals);
  • study how compounds are formed and the way that different ideas and concepts are expressed;
  • enlarge his/her range of characters (and the words formed with them);
  • increase his/her reading and comprehension skills - from reading short passages to more complex texts;
  • develop his/her ability to write his/her own short passages, poems, and stories, following the basic rules and conventions such as paragraph indentation and punctuation.

The overall objective is to guide your child from being able to read the words, to fully understanding their meaning through to grasping the fundamentals of written language and developing appropriate expressiveness in writing.
Through these courses, your child will not only increase his/her ability to read and write but also acquire a better appreciation of the richness of Chinese language and literature, and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and traditions.