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Holiday Workshops (Half-Term, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Summer)

These workshops are specially designed to promote the spontaneous and natural use of Spanish, and boost your child's Spanish skills in an exciting and enjoyable setting!

Themes vary according to the holiday period so as to draw upon each child's natural curiosity and capture his/her interest. The whole programme aims at encouraging your child to use his/her Spanish skills in a fun context, while becoming so enthralled in what he/she is doing that he/she forgets he/she is actually learning and practising Spanish.

These offer the perfect setting for your child to develop his/her listening and speaking skills, and to become more confident in the use of the language.


During these courses, your child will:

  • sing songs, read stories, use puppets, play games and participate in arts and crafts and other fun-filled activities;
  • learn vocabulary appropriate to his/her age group and his/her daily life;
  • enjoy endless opportunities to repeat and re-use the new found language and enhance his/her listening and speaking skills;
  • explore his/her imagination, develop his/her creativity and discover new interests.


These exciting programmes are specifically designed to offer your child extended opportunities to re-use and reinforce his/her existing language and progress at a much faster pace, while having loads of fun and a fantastic time! Each week your child will discover a new theme, with a key project to be completed by the end of the week.

A valuable complement to any of our regular courses or a great stand-alone holiday course!